I finally had a chance to see tutor and without any surprises he loved the idea of crashing funerals, photographing coffins and blend in with the mourning crowd.

I started to panic and look at this seriously. I got my feedback in the next couple of weeks and there was a few serious suggestions:

  • Difficult project – sensitive handling
  • Initial stage – contact hospices
  • Urgent need to contact hospices and other relevant sources in order to understand if the project is doable.
  • The practice of photographing the dead was very common in the 19th Century.
  • Research include post-mortem photography, memorial, portraits, mourning portraits and momento mori.
  • Photograph the effort put in to dress up and prepare bodies in order to seem realistic.
  • Use your own experiences and cultural differences.
  • Opinions, interviews, artist interviews and emails.
  • People to look at – Bill Viola, Walter Schels, Colin Gray, Sally Man, Joel Peter Witkin, Beate Lakotta and others.
  • Write a project proposal
  • Consider photographing terminally ill people.

I knew that the first step is to make a list of hospices, charities and organisations that deal with terminally ill, give support to the family of these people and basically is the main focus point to reach target – photograph funerals and pre-dying photographs.



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