The plan for this week was to take it steady – recovering from the Humber Street Sesh 2017, editing, working on the new website n’ stuff.

I wanted to visit something very cultural, something that will educate me as well, so the Larkin: New Eyes Each Year @Brynmore Jones Gallery was the perfect fit.

The biographic exhibition at the University of Hull, where Larkin spent three decades as Librarian, lifts the lid on the life of one of Hull’s most influential creatives or as I might say – gives a cool and current perspective to Philip Larkin’s life and work.

The exhibition is cleverly set out – to the point that I got lost in it in the best way, amazing work from the curator Anna Farthing. The exhibition is also very intimate and personal.

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This very image of Larkin’s socks raised questions if he had a women in his life and talking to the volunteers it seemed like he few.
Person who is in love with books in general will have an interesting journey through selection of books, some caught my eye and made me consider to find time for reading ASAP.

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The exhibition is interactive following Larkin’s life through the little pink posted notes placed around the book shelves with quotes from him.

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My highlight off course was the lawnmower on the wall with. And the poem. At this point I was excited meeting Larkin – he must have been a cool guy – mows his own lawn.

Story about the lawnmower – the one on the wall belonged to Larkin. Poetry is a process of trimming and cutting back so they have rigged it on top of his working notes for his poem Toads which is about the tension between having to work for a living and writing poetry. Larkin wrote about cutting grass, and was very upset about killing a hedgehog [poem The Mower]

_Z1A7101WEEK32 b
And I guess this was a second point where I felt connected with Mr. Larkin. I still have to work as no-photographer part time, to make sure I don’t end up living under the bridge. For those who manage to do what they love for living  – you are a winner in life. And I will be a winner full time one day.

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On Friday and Saturday I was working in North Point Shopping Centre for Freedom Festival and both days I had The Gold Nose of Green Ginger 5 m away.

On Friday I admired the little gallery space and caught a little performance, but rushed back to work – so no actual nose. The nose and story behind it came on Saturday when I curiosity took over.

Long considered an urban myth, The Green Ginger Fellowship made this momentous discovery while delving into the large cache of Land of Green Ginger crates currently under investigation.

The last concrete sighting was documented 50 years ago, when building work to lay the foundations of the first house on Bransholme unearthed a small casket with the Gold Nose lying within.

Source: Hull City Of Culture 2017 website

No it has been brought back to Bransholme.
+ you can write a wish to the nose [there is a myth that it brings good luck and makes wishes come true] and put it in secret letterbox.

_Z1A7317WEEK32 b_Z1A7318WEEK32 b_Z1A7320WEEK32 b

There is no Gold Nose of Green Ginger photo – you must go and see it for yourself.

Saturday was a mixture of different culture mixing in the North Point Shopping Centre bowl, so I met a very fake Elsa from Frozen, Brighhouse bears and ladies in headscarves.

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Like every other week in 2017 – I had to get some culture into my system.

Sure, life takes over, work gets piled up and some reflections from last week about the impact of Hull City Of Culture 2017 were things that effected my involvement…

The week consisted of two main missions – re visit Skin: Freud, Mueck and Tunick exhibition with friends/family cos I thought not seeing Mueck at the Ferens Art Gallery is rude.

Off course no photographs allowed, so …..

Also we went down the HIP Gallery to have a fresh view of the newest exhibition – The Ragman’s Son

“George Norris is “The Ragman’s Son”. He grow up in the Hessle Road area of Hull trolling the streets and 10 foots with his horse and cart collecting scrap metal. Let George share with you his life, his family and memories caught on camera. The exhibition will be Curated by HIP Gallery’s own Alan Raw, who has a particular interest in George’s work as he is himself the great grandson of a West Hull scrap merchant and a Norris family customer.”

NOTE: According to some unofficial sources, Alan Raw did not get any financial help from Hull City Of Culture 2017 so he took the initiative and organised this himself. So this exhibition can’t be found on the Hull City Of Culture 2017 website and isn’t part of the event list.
I find it bit sad and controversial – as this is supposed to be the celebration of Hull and what can be more Hull that The Ragman’s Son.
Really good image content and lovely to see the rawness of the subject.

_Z1A5422WEEK18 b_Z1A5414WEEK18 b_Z1A5416WEEK18 b



7 Alleys  was something that I wanted to see through the lens – I knew the potential image content could blew the socks off so on Saturday, after a very long day, I dressed warm and headed to East Park.

I was greeted [not really] by a grumpy security officer who told me that unless I am from press, I can’t take photos. BECAUSE IN THE DARK WE USE FLASH.

Only the small-minded in photography can’t get their heads around ISO and the upcoming light will require zero flash light. BAM!!!

It was quite interesting to be part of something that is a bit of a secret until you experience it. People really mad for it in a good way, so there was a lot of pushing, running, squeezing and apologising. But I got there, I took some amazing photos and fully experienced the light/sound/firework/human magic.

It was very tiring and physical work, really difficult to deal with crowds whilst focusing on the perfect image. But heey – who said it is easy.

Here is a full-ish gallery of the amazing stunts, lights, fireworks and action. It is never the same through the lens, but this will be a good reminder of what went on.

There was a lot of WOW – moments, so I hope that The Land Of Green Ginger will have something along those lines soon…

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