Libby’s Hair [shave off] Day for Little Princess Trust

Libby’s Hair [shave off] Day for Little Princess Trust

On Saturday it was my honour to be part of something truly incredible.
First of all, the Libby’s actions prove that the young generation is giving the bright perspective for the future to the old potatoes like us.

On the MyDonate profile  Libby introduces herself and she is just a normal teen and this is the great thing about Libby shaving her hair off.

According to her parents,the idea of donating her hair for Little Princess Trust, has come from Libby and there was no parent influences.

She inspired a lot of people, making a decision that will make a huge difference to the kids who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment. She did not think about herself, she thought about others and that is very heart warming.

The event happened at St. Stephens Kids Take Over event, where other kids showed their talents.

Libby’s family came to support her and had the little pink buckets ready to be filled with money that will also go towards the Little Princess Trust.



Libby was incredibly calm and excited during the time she had to wait for the big moment.

She also had her friends with her to support and they bought her a present – a hat. The weather is turning cold so a hat is essential.


We were all excited for her to get on the stage and when she finally did, she got the cheers and applause she deserved.



On stage she was joined by her friends and Miss GB Hull 2016/2017 Saffron Heart who was co-hosting the Hair Shave and also doing the actual cutting, as she happens to own her hair salon (!).

And there she was – still excited, smiling and brave…


When the Miss GB Hull 2016/2017 Saffron Heart finished the first stage, Greasy Fingers Rock’n’Roll Barbershop was there to finish the job. Let me just note, that the Greasy Fingers Rock’n’Roll Barbershop  is the only barber shop has this fantastic characteristics. It would be the only place where I would consider to have my hair done as Elvis Presley.


Whilst Greasy Fingers Rock’n’Roll Barbershop did the shaving, Libby said it is quite relaxing and that, again, reminds us how excited and dedicated to make a difference she is.

She is beautiful and inspiring.



The whole event was very much inspiring and emotional. I had to turn my camera away from Libby just for a moment to appreciate the support from the family and two other cameras pointed at her – she is a local celebrity.



And here she is – brave and incredibly strong, young lady done something amazing.


I got a bit emotional at one point, I appreciated that I have such good friend [Diane Marie Simpkin] who has raised a young lady capable of such amazing cause.

I gathered around the family, stole the stage arrangement for a quick snap and said goodbye.



I left the event with a very good feeling in my belly – there are so many incredible people in the world and some of them are around me, I don’t have to look far for the great and amazing!!

Thank you to the every single person donating and supporting.



On the 16th of July more than one amazing things took place.
THE HULL PRIDE was planned to be the biggest in Hull so far, second BEFORE I DIE WALL was set up by Eskimosoup and I was going to my annual summer visit to Latvia.
It was an outrageous day, as I had to be up early to help and photograph for setting up the wall, edit and blog the photographs from the morning activities, pack suitcases and tidy my house and never the less – photograph the THE HULL PRIDE and BEFORE I DIE WALL …… I thought I did bloody well, because at the end I actually did not miss my plane and was alive.

First – apologise for making promises I can’t keep. When I arrived in Latvia, on the first few days I could not find software and the rest is history…

I am not worried, because events like THE HULL PRIDEand BEFORE I DIE WALL has left a legacy and the point made will last for a long time.

THE HULL PRIDE was inspiring and I had a smile on my face at all times. The pride really represented freedom, diversity and good spirit. People looked ever so happy and proud to be part of the movement.




I followed the parade from Queens Gardens to stage area near Fuel. The wall was suited in the pride “party” area and as soon as the parade finished, I was rushing down to see what has happened to the wall…


Already before the party started, the wall was full of people’s thoughts about what would they wish to do before they die.
It was a beautiful view, I was so proud of the fact that Eskimosoup and I have done a great job and got people involved.

Sometimes we need a platform of a strange kind to say what we can’t say to anyone else. Do we dare to think about our lives in these terms and consider the fact that one day we all pass away.


Different kinds of people got involved, the wall was popular and the messages were inspiring.

If we take in account that 95% of the messages are genuine and people truly mean what they write, we can see what is on societies mind….. A lot of travelling requests, political wishes and little life goals..

The image above seems quite strange, as the film industry often associate God or Jesus as those that can fulfill our wishes, but actually it is the people’s dedication, motivation and hard work that will make these writings a reality.

As I was leaving half way, the wall continued to blossom during the event and I hope people enjoyed to be part of this.


Massive thank you to Eskimosoup and Jenni for the efforts, time and work. I feel honoured to be able to collaborate and photograph the wall.



If you think that the wall is awesome and you have suggestions where we could do the next BEFORE I DIE WALL, please let us know by commenting below, or Facebook us.