End of an era or what?

The past few months my life has been a shit show, but there has been so many great photo moments that I am excited to shout about it on the last day of 2019.
Yes, 2019 I really want to slap you, but despite all the things that went bad, I had amazing work and culture opportunities, another bunch of great people in my life and rememberable image stock.

0Z1A2757OCT19 b

October brought HIP PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL and this year the festival did shine a bit more than last year. The festival celebrated its 6th year and brought to Hull Peter Dench, Rhiannon Adam, Claire Armitage and Lomography. There was also a vast selection of local talent on display.
My favourite of course was Peter Dench with Trans-Siberian World Cup series. I also very much loved the Rhiannon Adam’s Pitcairn series shot in Britain’s last Pacific Overseas Territory. Photographs are stunning, even breath taking I dare to say. Her photographs with voyeuristic edge and true moments of intimacy masquerading as casual snapshots, but holds loneliness, isolation and portrayal of a broken society shrouded in mistrust.

0Z1A2765OCT19 b0Z1A2759OCT19 b

Peter Dench never disappoints. Never. This time he tackled a culture that is quite familiar to myself as me being from post Soviet Union country. I thoroughly loved the photographs.

0Z1A2756OCT19 b

0Z1A2755OCT19 b

As one of the unexpected surprises was the exhibition COHERE.

0Z1A2724OCT19 b


The exhibition was a collection resulted from various workshops where photographers worked with writers and performers from refugee backgrounds to create an exhibition that creates, challenges, disrupts and charms. The result is pretty amazing. Films, visual installations and photographic works of art that gives an experience that in a strange way tailors to your won life experience. It worked for me on different levels – I admired the visual with textures, playful colours with disrupted lines, the touch-and-feel experience. On the emotional level I felt inspired and touched by the imagery. The exhibition COHERE was on the top as one of the favourites.

0Z1A2696OCT19 b0Z1A2697OCT19 b0Z1A2700OCT19 b0Z1A2702OCT19 b0Z1A2713OCT19 b0Z1A2715OCT19 b0Z1A2723OCT19 b

The festival offered plenty of work that meets the demand for different subjects.
There were others that I really liked – The Launderette one on the ground floor of the Princess Quay, Homer Sykes and others. It was a great festival and I am glad I made the effort to make it part of my culture wonders.

0Z1A2731OCT19 b0Z1A2752OCT19 b0Z1A2737OCT19 b0Z1A2754OCT19 b0Z1A2758OCT19 b0Z1A2770OCT19 b0Z1A2773OCT19 b0Z1A2778OCT19 b0Z1A2780OCT19 b0Z1A2747OCT19 b0Z1A2745OCT19 b0Z1A2742OCT19 b0Z1A2741OCT19 b0Z1A2738OCT19 b

For the first time in long time I also had the joy of re-visiting old places through the viewfinder. It sounds simple, but for me that sparkle was long gone, so to be in the mood for such was a great feeling. The long waited pedestrian bridge played a small roll in that too.

0Z1A4091NOV19 b0Z1A4102NOV19 b

Whilst wondering around Marina I popped down to Humber Street Gallery to see the exhibitions on display. Nenna Kalu Wrapping and Aniara Omann Equanipolis.

0Z1A4114NOV 19 B0Z1A4108NOV 19 B

Nenna Kalu Wrapping [above] raised my eyebrows even though the the basis or the work are great. Nenna Kalu works with ActionSpace, a London based visual arts organisation that supports artists with learning disabilities. In the current exhibition she used various materials like plastic tubing, newspapers, foam, fabric ect.

The work is very tricky to judge appropriately in such exhibition space, as usually we get some high end art.

The other two floors were Aniara Omann and Equanipolis. The artist evokes and questions different aspects of the human body with sculptures that at once resemble and mutate the human form, as well as our relation to ecology through her choice of material.

0Z1A4126NOV 19 B0Z1A4127NOV 19 B0Z1A4130NOV 19 B

0Z1A4137NOV 19 B0Z1A4134NOV 19 B0Z1A4149NOV 19 B0Z1A4147NOV 19 B0Z1A4144NOV 19 B0Z1A4142NOV 19 B


From summer until end of October there was a little Hull Fishing Industries treasure display at Hull Maritime Museum. The heritage and tradition of women working in the fishing community was celebrated through imagery. In this exhibition, award-winning photographer, Craig Easton, well known for his landscape work and intimate portraits of real lives, explores the past and present. It will bring together the three strands of the fisherwomen’s story: their heritage, their journey and contemporary portraits, including exciting new commissions of Hull’s own fisherwomen.
Fisherwomen celebrates the tradition and importance of women in the fishing industry by following the traditional route of the herring trade from Shetland down the east coast, via Hull to Great Yarmouth.
The exhibition highlighted the central role of women in the fishing industry today, even though their work is now almost entirely done behind closed doors in processing factories, sheds and smokehouses.

Source: Maritime Hull

The sad thing was that I missed the exhibition and just saw the “remains” that are on display currently.

0Z1A4103NOV 19 b0Z1A4105NOV 19 b

On a sunny weekday I strolled into city centre for business, and was a pleasure to see Hull lit by sunlight. Autumn can be dull, and it is dull mostly, so I was lucky to have camera on me to record the rare scenes for that time of the year.

0Z1A3117OCT19 b0Z1A3122OCT19 b

“Michelangelo – A Different View” at Hull Minster was the thing that everyone raved about, and I had to see the Sistine Chapel’s iconic scenes with my own eyes.

0Z1A3185OCT19 b

The first thing that caught my eyes was the odd phones and the quite an elderly generation. The combination reminded me of a tourist group from Germany and that made me chuckle.
The exhibition was quite a piece – the atmosphere in Minster definitely was the correct recipe for a success.

I found myself in a bizarre situation – instead of grasping for breath after being stunned by Michelangelo, I was amused by other people and their reactions.

0Z1A3198OCT19 b0Z1A3192OCT19 b0Z1A3188OCT19 b0Z1A3187OCT19 b0Z1A3181OCT19 b0Z1A3180OCT19 b0Z1A3174OCT19 b0Z1A3171OCT19 b0Z1A3159OCT19 b

I mean, yes, it was quite alright, but I guess I’m not the “type”. As long as it created an excitement and buzz amongst people, I am happy to approve.

0Z1A3165OCT19 b0Z1A3201OCT19 b

What I approve and celebrate myself, is the little things and the little snaps of people in  the right place and the right time for a great photograph. Hull Minster is a treasure in its own right and to see any kind of exhibition hosted there is a privilege.

In 2017 I created few images to acknowledge Whitefrigate’s empty shops and how the shop windows were used as canvas for marketing or art. I decided to revisit this in 2019 – and see the change. Baring in mind all the regeneration plans, it was a curiosity more than need for culture images.

0Z1A3142OCT19 B0Z1A3149OCT19 B0Z1A3150OCT19 B0Z1A3152OCT19 B

November brought another good festival – Hull Comedy Festival 2019. 2019 was another year where the work commitments and health issues made me unavailable for 90% of the festival, but it was a great, great feeling to fill the old boots for 10%.


I happened to see a gig that was hosted by Jed Salisnbury at Princess Quay, and although on a small scale, it was filled with laughter and good humor.


Ross Brierley with Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left Of Them?

I have known Ross as a comedian from the early days, I have had then pleasure to shoot NOT SO LATE NIGHT SHOW WITH ROSS AND JOSH and I have had belly cramps from laughter from previous festivals. Ross still holds the same amount of charm, fun and entertainment.


Stevie Gray: Arctic Monkeys’ Midlife Crisis

Stevie Gray was a “fresh” act on my list and OH MY. He was totally hilarious. He did good and even better – when he’s guitar lost a string he cracked on as normal and made his repertoire even funnier without music.



End of November and beginning of the December was that time of year when I started to come out of my hiding spots. I had to face the fact that Christmas is coming and there will be no hiding from happy. I had plenty of work upcoming that was festive and so I had to embrace it.
One of the proud moments was the tough decision to grab a tripod and travel to Hull City Centre for the Christmas decorations and tree.

0Z1A6667DEC19 b

Funny though that I picked the windiest night of all times and all the efforts to have steady images on slow shutter went in a bin.

I don’t think that it is visible with a naked eye, so MISSION COMPLETE.

0Z1A6673DEC19 b0Z1A6658DEC19 b0Z1A6656DEC19 b0Z1A6653DEC19 b0Z1A6651DEC19 b0Z1A6680DEC19 b

The main spectacular was lacking wow factor. Yes.

Another interesting work opportunity was through The Herd Theatre Company in Barnsley – Slime. It was more of a work opportunity than culture haul, but it was inspiring, sweet and full of culture.


It was a great honour to be asked to capture the pre show promo’s and I had a great time.


2019 was the year where I had to make an extra effort to gather images for the blog. But those moments when I was out with camera, proved that there will never be enough of Hull for me. The city remains vibrant and full of solid gold people and places.

0Z1A5745DEC19 b0Z1A5757DEC19 b

The last job of the year was probably my highlight of the festive period. Good Things Market Winter Edition at Fruit Market.

It was everything Hull could want just before Christmas. A collection of talented local artists, craftmakers and genius in on place – offering great food, stunning gifts and Hull merchandise.


Whilst there I also had an exclusive insight into behind the scenes for the Enchanted Wonderland created by Bluebeany aka Anna Bean. The show featuring performances by Ruth Getz, Zoe Hughes, Michelle Dee, Caroline Ullyart and Joshua Barton. Described as.. “if the Mighty Boosh made a Panto”


Anna is just amazing! Her talent, her personality and the drive to succeed is inspiring. I am lucky to have been thought by Anna and work with her.
Her shows are becoming iconic to the city and could be something that Hull is known for widely across the country.

Her stamp is all over.


The last but not least was the casual walks around the Humber Street that cheered me up. Little festive preparations, decorations and Hull sense of humor are things that help people to get into festive spirit, including myself.


This blog post is a bit of a cheat – it was supposed to see the daylight on the last day of the year, but family circumstances and other factors caused days delay. We can just pretend that we waved goodbye to 2019 yesterday and are looking forward to a bright and shiny new decade.

My year has been a struggle in personal life and so I am thankful for what I still have, of what I managed to achieve and how many people stud by my side when I needed support.

2020 will be a new era for my work and business, I want to expand, change and evolve. I want to once again feel in control of my own life, decisions and career.

This time of year has brought sadness to my family. My grandfather past away on the 30th December and I had to suck up the reality and commit to write the last blog post of 2019 whilst in Latvia. Despite the loss, we as a family are staying grateful and thankful. To be able to take away gratitude from this darkness is a gift. My grandad was a strong character and living to the age of ninety is not a surprise. He was tough. strong, honest and humble. To even think that I could make it to that age with my head held up high like he did…

For the future of this culture blog I will continue to explore and celebrate culture scene in the city, as we still have another year before Coventry officially takes away the glory.

Happy New Year, monkeys.



Fashionably late on the 6th of November with great pleasure I am writing this. October’s quote would be “you get what you give” or what you put in, so not much. All feelings from annoyed to sad, including the feeling that I have missed all the good, run through my mind today.
I guess that at this stage of my career the reality hits hard and I shouldn’t really be sad that my photography is going so well that I don’t have spare time to wonder around galleries and events. But I can’t help to feel disappointed in myself.

With meeting with ENRG mentor I combined Artist Takeover at Queens House Showcase and on the last day of HIP Festival at HIP Galleries I rushed to Princess Quay. Boom. That’s all. Short and sweet.

Artist Takeover @Queens House Showcase

_Z1A4127OCT18 b

This little exhibition space is one of the hidden gems in the city centre and I always want for the space to be filled with culture lovers. Because it is always worth the visit.
This was the second Artist Takeover showcasing local talents in various mediums.
Artist links below, but photos[sorry] not in the right order most likely.

Esther Cawley

Lilly Williams


Milly Rose

Sue Feve

_Z1A4149OCT18 b_Z1A4146OCT18 b_Z1A4144OCT18 b_Z1A4141OCT18 b_Z1A4138OCT18 b_Z1A4133OCT18 b_Z1A4130OCT18 b_Z1A4129OCT18 b_Z1A4128OCT18 b


HIP Festival 2018

_Z1A8793OCT18 b

Having been part of the Creative and Cultural and HIP Gallery in the past, I have a bit of a love for them. But going on the last day didn’t show the festival at its best. Couple of spaces were closed and a chance to see David Morris talk about his work promised, but not delivered.
On the bright side – I saw the latest work of Peter Dench [I LOVE PETER DENCH] and have a good old chat with the volunteers was pleasant too.

_Z1A8795OCT18 b_Z1A8797OCT18 b_Z1A8798OCT18 b_Z1A8800OCT18 b

Peter Dench has taken on the BREXIT and it was like that comfort food on a rainy day.

_Z1A8803OCT18 b_Z1A8805OCT18 b_Z1A8808OCT18 b

Brian Griffin usual [from previous e exhibitions] black&white mixed with amazing colourful photographs that made me stop and look twice. Brilliant!

_Z1A8814OCT18 b_Z1A8817OCT18 b_Z1A8816OCT18 b

_Z1A8810OCT18 b_Z1A8819OCT18 b_Z1A8822OCT18 b

Both Open Exhibitions not really to my taste, but I celebrate the fact that local photographers are given the opportunity to showcase their work.

_Z1A8813OCT18 b

Last both not least – Buckingham Street monkey business mural that I absolutely love.

_Z1A8829OCT18 b


November promises to be just as manic as October, so I have serious concerns about spare time and culture wonders.

However I have a wish list:

  • Hull Comedy Festival 2018 [not officially there, but really want to photograph at least one gig]
  • Portraits at Sea Hull Maritime Museum
  • Usual galleries if I have a chance – Humber Street Gallery, Brynmore Jones [Alec Gil exhibition coming up soon], Queens House Showcase and GROUND.
  • and the things I can’t remember at this moment in time, but are somewhere in my head.

Well, I think there is no denying that I am very distant from this amazing thing I used to do and not really doing now, but it’s not by choice.



April was 80% usual and 20% summer  [including the feeling that winter is over and tops off kind of vibe].
So I’ll start with a moment that represents the above for me. Shot taken down Humber Street with probably the most famous dog in culture crowds.

_Z1A7536APR18 b

Culture month #4 and I am hopeful for the future. Legacy ‘n stuff, another culture-bursting year for the city and buzzing/happy people in all areas of Hull. Yes?

April started well,I was lucky to be involved with Illuminate Project:Legacy  I feel very fortunate to be able to tie work done in 2017, continuous photo/blog Hull City Of Culture in 2018 and look for the legacy, that I have discussed over and over again. Pop the question is important for someone like me, who’s really believed that Hull has changed and there is no way back. It will be a challenge as well, but I don’t mind a chunky challenge.

Work will be started pretty soon and there will be an exhibition in autumn. To top it all up I will be working with some pretty exciting photographers. Anna Bean/Bluebeany, Verity Adriana and Karim Skalli

Back to April and culture.
I had a list of exhibits I wanted to see this month, including No one knows me like Dawn from Jobcenter at Humber Street Gallery, because title seemed intriguing.

If being honest, April was difficult month for getting out with true passion and get involved in culture. Things got sad, difficult and being out with camera was more like an escape. Plus, I have been focusing on re-branding my business face, which always requires energy and ability to face your devils.

The start of April and my first go-see was the new light announcement down Queen Victoria Square at the very first weekend of April. I was unable to see the lights Saturday/Sunday, so I rushed there on the opening night. I got really frustrated by light switch being late, I didn’t had tripod, so I guess the photos are just a record that I was there. Still not sure what I was supposed to see, as very similar lights have been there through out last months?

_Z1A6798APR18 b_Z1A6808APR18 b

Whilst waiting and chatting to fellow photographers, I snapped the fountains there too. Tuns out this is the first time I see them at night. Oh well..

_Z1A6790APR18 b

On my way there, I briefly rushed through first Hull Street Food Nights of 2018. It was very brief and I was very gutted that I can only “smell” the event. Next one maybe as it looked so lovely…

_Z1A6769APR18 b_Z1A6781APR18 b

After that is was exhibitions. Luckily there are quite a few available to view from April onward.

First trip I took to see HIP Gallery in Princess Quay. I was aiming to see the freshly brewed LAUNDERAMA by David Drasdo, but I was a bit too early. Instead I got to see the DOCK. The exhibition is a selected visual history of St. Andrew’s Dock.

Once St Andrew’s Dock was the beating heart of Hull’s fishing industry.
Today it stands derelict and unloved, a sorry reflection of a once proud and thriving place.
These images are just a snapshot of the story of its falls from grace.

_Z1A7463APR18 b

The exhibition contains photographs by Will Slater, Peter Marshall, Ben Barrass and Oliver Turpin.

The extend of loss from the industry feels so genuine, once I finished with the viewing. For someone like me not born in UK and Hull, exhibition serves as a good eye opener for the past and present. I always hear the stories about how great it was, but it never really felt like I know what people mean by it.
I was curious to find out from volunteers when it all “cracked”, but the conversation revealed a lot more. For example, back in the day, people that worked in the industry were called three day millionaires- they became rich very quickly for a short period of time, then spent all the money as quickly as they earned it. Also, I found out that Hull was once called the City of East Coast. Just that.

_Z1A7467APR18 b

Massive thank you to the volunteer that chatted for 40 min about Hull, fishing industry, even about studying photography and writing dissertations. I wish I noted his name down on piece of paper….

After that I went to see something that I purposely left for April.

No one knows me like Dawn from Jobcenter at Humber Street Gallery.

_Z1A7504APR18 b

The culture or social groups that are regulars to Jobcentre are always linked with lack of life quality, lack of future perspectives and generally are the underdogs. Rightly so for those who work and pay taxes. But there is no country in the world without a unemployment issues. To be able to draw the lines between art and stereotypes around the subject is intriguing and tempting.

_Z1A7530APR18 b

I feel like my photos show every corner of the exhibition, leaving nothing to imagination, but that’s how I felt like at the time – it was too good to be missed out.

_Z1A7510APR18 b_Z1A7515APR18 b_Z1A7521 2APR18 b_Z1A7546APR18 b_Z1A7547APR18 b_Z1A7548APR18 b_Z1A7551APR18 b_Z1A7552APR18 b_Z1A7557APR18 b_Z1A7559APR18 b_Z1A7561APR18 b

The artwork sets many questions and leaves me to wonder if the reality is mixed with great dose of sarcasm. Really good exhibition in my opinion, although I felt like I want more.

After that I popped downstairs to see the FOREVER or GOLDEN SHOWERS by Tim Noble and Sue Webster.

_Z1A7494APR18 b

I am convinced that these light installations are detachable from their current meanings. It also wasn’t as excited as I expected. It was more about getting that one perfect shot of three very different light bulbs.

_Z1A7471APR18 b_Z1A7483APR18 b

Maybe, and only maybe, I would like these installations in a meaningful location? I don’t know….
Just to quickly mention and justify image below – the shirts really brightened up my mood. These lads deserve a free drink.

_Z1A7501APR18 b

My next exhibition was at Artlink. Only in last few months I have realised that Artlink is very warm and welcoming space, including staff working there.

_Z1A7589APR18 b

This time it was the GRAFT in FLUX. An collaborative exhibition in a nine year partnership between Artlink and HMP Humber’s Graft Fine Art Studio.

The exhibition is focused on the changing landscape and the aspirations of those currently working and living in the secure prison units.

It also has got an interesting way of treating the “artists”. Most of them have no prior training, skills or education in arts, so they all have been thrown in an adventure. That is the most precious part of the idea, I think.
From what is displayed, I couldn’t tell that there is no experience. Fascinating.

_Z1A7607APR18 b

All exhibits are part of an experiment, covering each person’s voice and back-stories.

_Z1A7593APR18 b_Z1A7609APR18 b_Z1A7584APR18 b_Z1A7583APR18 b

There are Drop-in workshops available on 19th May and 16th June.  The workshops will recreate elements and working practices from the Studio to allow visitors to observe and take part in the environment, projects, techniques, and journey of HMP Humber’s students. I am hoping to squeeze one of the workshops in my diary for June [that’s if someone would like to join me].


The only downside of space there – it sometimes isn’t pleasant to fight with falling shadows and colour cast. So I hope I have hidden that in these captures. [sorry]

Last but not least – TWO GINGERS COFFEE HOUSE and a small coffee/bear/live music  summer start up gathering on the 28th April.
I remember first time I went there was early days for the Two Gingers, but I am so pleased to see them thriving and having coffee lovers on their side.

_Z1A7656APR18 b

I literally popped there for 10 min to see the atmosphere, my mind was far away from celebrating and mingling with people.
I hope they do more events like these and I can properly enjoy myself.

_Z1A7644APR18 b_Z1A7642APR18 b_Z1A7638APR18 b_Z1A7637APR18 b_Z1A7626APR18 b_Z1A7635APR18 b_Z1A7616APR18 b


There you go – my little culture April in Hull. I hope as the year goes on, I will get more diverse cultural experiences through the lens.

For now – re-branding, Illuminate Project:Legacy, culture in May and work.






The year of Hull City Of Culture 2017 finished on a high note for me. I really lived up to my challenge, being part of the story all year, week by week [except tiny two weeks] and I had the most wonderful time. It was the big celebration for me.

At the beginning of the month I was very lost – for the first time in a year I was not obligated to follow culture and it was weir. On the other hand – it was a relief – no Sunday/Monday panic about writing a blog post and wondering if I have done enough, if I’ve done well.

Throughout the year I knew I need to continue the work for me and for the promised legacy, for Hull. Out of habit on the first week I already found myself in culture indulgence.
And it felt good.

First, I managed to catch the robots part of Where Do We Go From Here.
I had to take my family to see the magnificent robots and have the last look.

_Z1A1133JAN2018 b
I was still seeking for the connection with culture, Hull and the question it raises. Technically brilliant pieces of machinery, creating a cosmic atmosphere and making the dark hours of Hull light up. But I am asking a question – could artist applied any other question to the artwork, linked with anything else? I am sure that is a possibility and Hull is just another translation to the existence of robots.

_Z1A1076JAN2018 b_Z1A1081JAN2018 b_Z1A1093JAN2018 b_Z1A1115JAN2018 b_Z1A1123JAN2018 b

Never the less – Hull still embraced the installation, as we do with everything.

Hull embraced a lot of things in 2017, we have changed our mindset regards culture and art, we are more educated and don’t mind abstract elements scattered around the city. Like the Solar Gate in Queens Gardens. Why not?
_Z1A1074JAN2018 b



Mid month I was SUPER excited for the new arrivals at Humber Street Gallery.
Just to note how wonderful it is to have a gallery of this kind, Humber Street Gallery has been the key venue for so many great exhibitions and they need a shout out!!!!!
_Z1A1312JAN2018 b
The exhibitions, all there are about everything celebrating Hull City Of Culture 2017 Volunteers. Work created purely to say thank you for your hard work, purely to celebrate each individual for making the year possible.
Gallery 1

_Z1A1229JAN2018 b_Z1A1250JAN2018 b

Photographer Lee Francis has very specific style and it is reflected in the works. They are bright and unmistakably unique.
I was so professionally jealous, because that would be every professionals dream to work on a project like this. In fact, this type of photographs should be the only reason why this medium exist – celebrate people and life in a beautiful way, that is missed by a naked eye.

The collage with volunteers and their belongings, their lives is equally fantastic.
_Z1A1231JAN2018 b

The team behind the project and Hull City Of Culture 2017 put a lot of thought, love and effort into creating this and wanted to know more about volunteers.
When asked to the volunteers present at the exhibition, the same feelings are expressed.

_Z1A1243JAN2018 b_Z1A1248JAN2018 b

And we ourselves enjoyed the little insight into this project

_Z1A1240JAN2018 b


Gallery 2


_Z1A1258JAN2018 b

Another mind tickling satisfaction of culture experience. First impressions are very good, the space is transformed into a full on colour experience, surrounding visitors with bold colours, numbers and takes you on a journey.
When I got over the wow factor, I made my way through the facts and facts about volunteers worked out in percentage.
_Z1A1281JAN2018 b

_Z1A1261JAN2018 b

We also played a game of calculating the percentages of what volunteers have as their occupation:
88% are either in full time education, employed or retired and the rest – unicorn keepers. That’s mine and Oliver’s conclusion.
_Z1A1265JAN2018 b

The whole experience is extended with an opportunity to try on volunteers kit and having your photo taken[optional?]
_Z1A1270JAN2018 b

And then – my favourite part – have a gab with volunteers and take a lovely photo of them.

_Z1A1279JAN2018 b_Z1A1275JAN2018 b

Gallery 3


The jar and grain experience

_Z1A1284JAN2018 b

Again – very impressive first impressions. The colours, light, placement of the jars and factual info on the walls. Fantastic.

_Z1A1290JAN2018 b_Z1A1299JAN2018 b

Visually impressive, sense of individuality despite the fact it’s meant to look “uniform” like. I assume the jars where chosen by volunteers themselves and again, its like a little insight of their lives.
_Z1A1311JAN2018 b

However the lazy art and culture consumer in me thinks its too much information to take in before you understand the idea. If your brain is not gifted with maths [like mine], I struggled to understand the patterns and reasons for each of the jar being filled. ahh. Could this be taken out of Hull City Of Culture 2017 content and displayed elsewhere? Would this be just one for the Hull?

World should know more about our experience this year and BIG PICTURE AND GRAINS OF SCANDALOUS BLUE PART 1 is definitely there to show off to the next CITY OF CULTURE and other cities in the UK.

Overall rating 9/10 from me. The visit made my week and I was left very happy and satisfied.


_Z1A1510JAN2018 b_Z1A1515JAN2018 b

26th of January will be marked as the day when world famous Banksy left his mark in Hull.

Woken up by the BBC News on Friday morning and hearing Hull’s name being called out for positive reason was just the perfect breakfast for my mind.

On Saturday I made my way to see it for myself. Of course I was not the only one there seeing the rustic bridge marked with someone famous and controversial as Banksy only for that reason. It became a trend, a hot spot.
_Z1A1495JAN2018 b_Z1A1500JAN2018 b

And then to hear the news on Monday about someone going totally bonkers and ruining the graffiti and then be saved by very own Hull’s windows cleaner becoming a hero… The drama and the reason to talk was there and as they say… every publicity is good.

So yes. Here is my first month of 2018, my first report on culture in 2018.
I could have done more, but I am busy working on something amazing. Hopefully I will have more content this month.

Are you feeling the Legacy of City of Culture in 2018? What are your expectations?


You may well wonder of why I am not making Christmas happening, instead writing weekly culture…

Life sometimes is full of lemons, I certainly have bucket full of lemons for past week and for Christmas. Culture and Hull 17 events have actually dragged me out of the misery this week. Having a focus on happy things has saved me.

At the beginning of last week I made a wishlist and I was very lucky to tick two points from the list:

But first.

HULL BEERMAT PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL and the beer mats where found. At Larkins Bar Hull down Newland Avenue.

_Z1A0114WEEK51 b

Still sulking a little bit, but the material they are made from means they won’t last forever and we may need another competition in few years time.


Second. I was trying to Christmas shop this week and the madness, greed and consumerism wasn’t really a surprise. These photographs were taken way before it was appropriate to talk Christmas, but few weeks on and I think its worth sharing Princess Quay decorations.

_Z1A7756WEEK 48 b

_Z1A7757WEEK 48 b

During the week I had some time to walk down Newland Avenue on my way to Brynmore Jones Library and PAINTING POWER: THE ART OF TERENCE CUNEO and aww, it was so lovely to see how local community is celebrating this wonderful time. Well done and thank you for a big smile on my face.

_Z1A0334WEEK51 b_Z1A0336WEEK51 b


The way to the university was one of those where I was purely focused on culture. That feeling and the photos after was missed a little bit in the past few months, so that’s worth mentioning._Z1A0345WEEK51 b

The viewing experience was pretty cool and will last in my memory for a long time. Mainly because of the volunteers and how that change my experience.

_Z1A0368WEEK51 b_Z1A0375WEEK51 b

First circle around the exhibition was my usual self – instead of seeing the whole picture, I pay attention to details – frames, lighting, detail in artwork. And sometimes it is very brief. Like I am there, but not there.

_Z1A0353WEEK51 b_Z1A0349WEEK51 b_Z1A0348WEEK51 b

I was already leaving when approached by a volunteer. She asked me what I thought about the paintings and have I seen Hull and the Queen, have I seen the mice… Half an hour later I was inlove with Cuneo. 

We – the ordinary people sometimes need help to see the art. I have a lot of cultural background, I have seen a lot and even did a degree in arts. But I still need help and guidance. Or someones passion for art.
And I am so thankful for the conversation, knowledge and passion to the lovely volunteer.

_Z1A0372WEEK51 b

The same applies to volunteers at Where Do We Go From Here. They deserve a medal for what they do, I even told them I love them. Haha.

Hull on the night is full of character when the time is right and even the few drunk lads did not spoil it for me.

_Z1A0461WEEK51 b

I finally had the chance to see the robots.

First I headed to Trinity Square.

_Z1A0414WEEK51 b_Z1A0409WEEK51 b

They are rising the question of where do we go from here after this year, but I really have to use my imagination to believe in that. But Where Do We Go From Here are fascinating light and machinery installations. The robots make me feel alive in the 2017 being aware of the changing technologies and times. Being aware that humans can’t be fed with the same things, we need something striking to make us think and pay notice.

_Z1A0460WEEK51 b_Z1A0458WEEK51 b_Z1A0438WEEK51 b

The robots are way cool, that is undeniable, but do they pay justice to the year we had?


Last but not least. I had a tripod. I haven’t used tripod since I left university. I was excited like a little child getting a unicorn for a birthday. For that reason I went to the Queen Victoria Square and Queens Gardens to photograph Christmas lights and few other low light actions.

First I was very impressed by the building opposite to Queens Gardens that is home to The Warren.

_Z1A0474WEEK51 b_Z1A0473WEEK51 b

_Z1A0469WEEK51 b

_Z1A0478WEEK51 b

_Z1A0477WEEK51 b

And here I am. Week away from the end. THE END. THE END.

It is so bizarre to think that whole photo challenge started as an idea. The weekly photo wonders have literally turned my year around by 360 degrees. Amazing. Wonderful. I am proud and thankful.

52 weeks of people, places, jobs, opportunities, surprises, disappointments and love for Hull.

I wish everyone who’s been part of my journey, or reading my blog a very Merry Christmas and unforgettable 2018.
Anete Sooda






I was in town, I went back to the WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? by JASON BRUGES STUDIO  to get a better angle, because these giant mystery units might change or disappear in next few days.

_Z1A6025WEEK 47 b_Z1A6027WEEK 47 b

I can’t wait until they reveal the “magic”.


The same day I was a witness to the preparations to CHRISTMAS LIGHT SWITCH ON PREP which is a massive attraction to everyone in Hull. the word Christmas now is on everyone’s vocabulary and of course the event is expected to be AMAZING, cos Hull 17.

_Z1A6040WEEK 47 b

I loved how taken from a specific angle, I was able to imagine that Ferens Art Gallery is moved to rich and green woodlands.

Event organisers and workforce was running like little bee’s and I felt a bit sad that I will miss the light switch-on.

_Z1A6047WEEK 47 b

People, however most of the time minded their own daily business.

_Z1A6046WEEK 47 b

On Thursday I had a meeting in QUEENS HOUSE SHOWCASE and I was lucky to see the CLAIRE HOLDSTOCK’S RUIN VALUE.

_Z1A6056WEEK 47 b_Z1A6055WEEK 47 b_Z1A6054WEEK 47 b_Z1A6053WEEK 47 b


The artwork is very pleasant – in and out of context. I really want to find out more about the artwork and I might attend one of the many drop-in sessions at the Queens House Showcase on the 7th December.

On Saturday the big hype about the COCA- COLA TRUCK TOUR UK – KINGSTON UPON HULL was very obvious – the traffic in town and masses of people in general and quite honestly I was not sure I can be asked. It wasn’t really about the culture, it was very cold and do I really want to ruin my childhood vision about the Coca-Cola Christmas adverts, Santa Claus and the magic truck???

But I happened to be in the area, so eeehhh – why not.

_Z1A7339WEEK 47 b_Z1A7289WEEK 47 b_Z1A7297WEEK 47 b_Z1A7304WEEK 47 b

Quite honestly – there was no feeling of Christmas spirit and there was no chance that I would wait 30 min to get a SMALL can of ice cold Coca-Cola.

_Z1A7312WEEK 47 b

But there was a lot of people making the most of it and that is always worth celebrating.

_Z1A7320WEEK 47 b_Z1A7325WEEK 47 b_Z1A7331WEEK 47 b_Z1A7334WEEK 47 b


Last but not least – all week I have been hopelessly making visits to Princess Quay for the CENTRE OF ATTENTION 

_Z1A7656WEEK 47 b

Twice I visited and the shutters were hiding potentially one of the most interesting exhibits this season.
On Friday, I found out it is open from the 24-26th November. Lovely. But this is a lesson to learn for the future.

_Z1A7678WEEK 47 b_Z1A7672WEEK 47 b_Z1A7673WEEK 47 b

_Z1A7670WEEK 47 b_Z1A7668WEEK 47 b_Z1A7665WEEK 47 b_Z1A7661WEEK 47 b

After a quick sneak around I thought – I don’t have enough, I want more of this creative madness. The brave people who are wearing prosthetics are worth celebrating anyway, they have moved on and making the most of their lives. But this is the next level awesomeness. I would definitely like to see more of this. And not just in the galleries – on the streets [although probably not very practical] and definitely in the fashion magazines, fashion shows, runways. Amazing!!!!!!

_Z1A7657WEEK 47 b_Z1A7660WEEK 47 b







Week 43 of photo challenging myself with Hull17 has been a bit of a weeeirrrd one. I was feeling snoozy, poorly and busy all week and the culture just seemed to slip through my hands. However – I did see The Sixteen Thousand at C4DI, PRACTICE IN PROGRESS at Queens House Showcase run by CreativeENRG and 1% of the current HIP PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL at Princess Quay.
And then on Saturday – my snooziest day of the week I woke up to realise that I need to get some fresh air and had a stroll through Humber Street just before it gets drunk and celebratory.

The Sixteen Thousand was a planned trip to C4DI.

_Z1A0180WEEK 43 bI was one of the first ones there and it felt like the little clay brick exhibit is undergoing some work processes. The workman boots near the entrance where suggesting so.

_Z1A0208WEEK 43 b

It turned out that someone from a building company was there to measure and asses each individual brick for a little future monument.

_Z1A0191WEEK 43 b

The Sixteen Thousand is incredible collection of little imprints of the new generation. My favourite bricks are the wonky ones. Nothing is perfect in this remarkable world so to see the little bricks not being manufactured perfect makes more sense out of this world.

_Z1A0216WEEK 43 b_Z1A0224WEEK 43 b

Last week I really wanted to see the HIP PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL in full. But I was time pressure so I just passed by and looked at small part of the festival located on the ground floor of Princess Quay.

_Z1A0458WEEK 43 b_Z1A0463WEEK 43 b

On Thursday I had a meeting at the Queens House Showcase  and I wanted to take an advantage of it and see the new PRACTICE IN PROGRESS exhibition. It hosts two artists, Both graduates of Hull School of Art & Design – Matt Hopper and Adam John Wilson.

_Z1A0474WEEK 43 b_Z1A0473WEEK 43 b_Z1A0476WEEK 43 b_Z1A0481WEEK 43 b

The artwork speaks in detail, precision and I really wanted to chat with artists to know more about their work. But one of the artists was not present, the other one was busy, so I hope to return there at some point before it ends on the 10th November and have a chat with the artists.

I was not sure about the UNDEAD BOD thing, I had so many questions of why, how, when and where, but again, I need to hear from the artist before make any judgements.
_Z1A0479WEEK 43 b

By Saturday I was drained and really wanting to be in bed. I didn’t expect any more culture, but there was a point when I had to have some fresh air. And I rarely have the opportunity to see Humber Street on the night time[when it or I am sober], so I happily brought a camera.
_Z1A0701WEEK 43 b_Z1A0695WEEK 43 b_Z1A0687WEEK 43 b_Z1A0686WEEK 43 b_Z1A0684WEEK 43 b_Z1A0682WEEK 43 b_Z1A0704WEEK 43 b

Shop windows/gallery windows, bars, restaurants are so different when the sun settles and I was feeling that little bit privileged to be able to see all this and call it my city.

So yeah medium-excited culture week last week, but the madness will begin this Thursday when the Hull Comedy Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary. I am the official photographer third year running and I am well excited to see all the acts – old, new, famous, local. EXCITEEEED.
Hopefully I will have time this week to share some long lost photographs from the last comedy gig I photographed ages ago – before the madness begins.

Happy culture, people!!!!