To all who follow me every week for 13 weeks.

My challenge appears very challenging when I am away from Hull.
Whole week I spent in Greece, Crete, soaking up sun, different culture, beautiful views, hard core driving up-hill and of course Greek wine.

From the very busy and hectic week 12 of my challenge, where I took on ReRooted Festival I have left a little cheat for the 13th week.

That week was the week the POPPIES: WEEPING WINDOW installation was out for the public to view, there was a buzz around it and a lot of people taking pictures.

_Z1A2448WEEK12 b

That week POPPIES: WEEPING WINDOW was surrounded by too many curious eyes to be able to take a decent picture, and for those who really wanted – patiently waited for that perfect shot.
I had no time to wait, unless I am there at 10 pm on the night, right?

_Z1A3436-PanoWEEK12 b

Poppies mean a lot to the British which is why there are two very brave guards making sure overnight POPPIES: WEEPING WINDOW are safe.

Week 14 plan is still under construction, as I am still sulking and recovering. I feel as though I have missed out on a lot by being away all week, so I have to catch up.

But it was very lovely to come back home to HULL.