This week is more about what I didn’t do  – my engagement with Hull 17 has been very poor. My honest feeling about it late Sunday was gutting, but sometimes other things come first, sacrifices had to be made.

From past two months I have had some interesting photography experiences – Freedom Festival, few important portraits, first wedding, smoke bomb awesomeness, beautiful mother to be photographed, Home Glory series updated, new website work progress and thoughts about the future…so all this has to be shared with everyone and requires work. SORRY CULTURE

Plus – important to remember that Freedom Festival took its toll  there was extra 2 1/2 days to recover and edit…..

things I really wanted to do but didn’t this week:


Turner Prize Nominees and Winners at the Ferens

Incredibly gutted, but definitely not missing the The Turner Prize 2017 which is coming soon – 26th September.

Alien Sex Capsule at Artlink Hull

Planned, but didn’t happen due to work commitments. Will visit this week [more than welcome to join me] it is on until 29th September.


This was found in the pile of culture flyers/books I have and as I was desperate to do some culture I booked some tickets. It was on until I went to a family day at Smith&Nephew [work thing] and cos of free food and entertainment +dozen of Hull 17 volunteers I thought that this is good enough.

Smith&Nephew is major sponsor for Hull 17 so that make it count even more.

Also I was very realistic – I had no objects that make noise, I have zero talent for music and I didn’t feel comfortable going, so decision was made.

Here are few culture snaps from the family event – site is safety aware, so the less I publish the better I feel.

_Z1A7480WEEK36 b_Z1A7394WEEK36 b_Z1A7399WEEK36 b_Z1A7405WEEK36 b_Z1A7407WEEK36 b_Z1A7436WEEK36 b_Z1A7443WEEK36 b_Z1A7445WEEK36 b_Z1A7466WEEK36 b_Z1A7476WEEK36 b


_Z1A7386WEEK36 b




Like every other week in 2017 – I had to get some culture into my system.

Sure, life takes over, work gets piled up and some reflections from last week about the impact of Hull City Of Culture 2017 were things that effected my involvement…

The week consisted of two main missions – re visit Skin: Freud, Mueck and Tunick exhibition with friends/family cos I thought not seeing Mueck at the Ferens Art Gallery is rude.

Off course no photographs allowed, so …..

Also we went down the HIP Gallery to have a fresh view of the newest exhibition – The Ragman’s Son

“George Norris is “The Ragman’s Son”. He grow up in the Hessle Road area of Hull trolling the streets and 10 foots with his horse and cart collecting scrap metal. Let George share with you his life, his family and memories caught on camera. The exhibition will be Curated by HIP Gallery’s own Alan Raw, who has a particular interest in George’s work as he is himself the great grandson of a West Hull scrap merchant and a Norris family customer.”

NOTE: According to some unofficial sources, Alan Raw did not get any financial help from Hull City Of Culture 2017 so he took the initiative and organised this himself. So this exhibition can’t be found on the Hull City Of Culture 2017 website and isn’t part of the event list.
I find it bit sad and controversial – as this is supposed to be the celebration of Hull and what can be more Hull that The Ragman’s Son.
Really good image content and lovely to see the rawness of the subject.

_Z1A5422WEEK18 b_Z1A5414WEEK18 b_Z1A5416WEEK18 b



7 Alleys  was something that I wanted to see through the lens – I knew the potential image content could blew the socks off so on Saturday, after a very long day, I dressed warm and headed to East Park.

I was greeted [not really] by a grumpy security officer who told me that unless I am from press, I can’t take photos. BECAUSE IN THE DARK WE USE FLASH.

Only the small-minded in photography can’t get their heads around ISO and the upcoming light will require zero flash light. BAM!!!

It was quite interesting to be part of something that is a bit of a secret until you experience it. People really mad for it in a good way, so there was a lot of pushing, running, squeezing and apologising. But I got there, I took some amazing photos and fully experienced the light/sound/firework/human magic.

It was very tiring and physical work, really difficult to deal with crowds whilst focusing on the perfect image. But heey – who said it is easy.

Here is a full-ish gallery of the amazing stunts, lights, fireworks and action. It is never the same through the lens, but this will be a good reminder of what went on.

There was a lot of WOW – moments, so I hope that The Land Of Green Ginger will have something along those lines soon…

_Z1A5806WEEK18 b_Z1A5796WEEK18 b_Z1A5789WEEK18 b_Z1A5784WEEK18 b_Z1A5783WEEK18 b_Z1A5773WEEK18 b_Z1A5767WEEK18 b_Z1A5766WEEK18 b_Z1A5753WEEK18 b_Z1A5742WEEK18 b_Z1A5714WEEK18 b_Z1A5648WEEK18 b_Z1A5642WEEK18 b_Z1A5637WEEK18 b_Z1A5633WEEK18 b_Z1A5630WEEK18 b_Z1A5620WEEK18 b_Z1A5612WEEK18 b_Z1A5598WEEK18 b_Z1A5549WEEK18 b_Z1A5545WEEK18 b_Z1A5491WEEK18 b_Z1A5487WEEK18 b_Z1A5475WEEK18 b_Z1A5455WEEK18 b_Z1A5919WEEK18 b_Z1A5875WEEK18 b_Z1A5868WEEK18 b_Z1A5864WEEK18 b_Z1A5849WEEK18 b_Z1A5845WEEK18 b_Z1A5833WEEK18 b


There is a reason behind the word “challenge”. This week I was super busy with personal project Beardology, night of comedy and taking part in the Larkin Out festival at the Larkin’s Bar down Newland Avenue, plus many other life things, so I had to really push/challenge myself to get cultured regards Hull City Of Culture 2017 this week.

This week the focus was on Daffodil display and my own interpretation of it [just cos I missed it].
Ferens Art Gallery and Skin: Freud, Mueck and Tunick was another must see this week.

_Z1A4350WEEK16 b

When it was too late, I discovered that the Lego Daffodil display is gone. The daffodils were given away to people of Hull for small donation that week. I was very gutted, but I still went down to see it for myself.

But I was told that somewhere in Hull I can find two awesome kids who will show me the daffodils and I will be able to have my own photograph of these amazing Lego creations.

With bribery and good chat-up lines, they proudly showed off their daffodils and talked me through the day when they were queuing, waiting and ended up on TV. I was super jealous, but really happy for them.

Inspired by cheesy mainstream fashion magazine edits, I had an idea of how to have my own daffodil display – bit of patience and work, bit of Hull City Of Culture 2017 colours and yeah- I have my own LEGO DAFFODIL DISPLAY.


Skin: Freud, Mueck and Tunick

LONG STORY SHORT – during the week I watched the film about Sea of Hull in making [incredible sense of unity and a lot of naked, blue people], I knew that the exhibition is out and I headed down there. I had a gut feeling that Mr. Tunik will be conscious about people taking credit of his hard work, so there will be no photos allowed. Which is really crap, cos my visuals are better than words.

And I was spot on – no photos are allowed in the Skin: Freud, Mueck and Tunick exhibition.
The staff has got more than three eyes, so I was constantly followed –  I think it is written on my face – I am a nosy photographer.

I am really sorry, but just as I was told off I took a miserable picture with my phone.


I think it is ridiculous. This artwork would not be if not Hull. And the whole experience and photos is a fantastic reminder that Hull is amazing and people are absolutely crackers in the most incredible way.
Just have the recordings of the exhibition would mean a lot to me and potentially few other.

Just a quick feedback on the actual photographs and the quality of work.

There is no argument about the content, composition and overall idea. But MR. Tunik clearly used a camera that is not suitable for large scale prints. Very bad print quality and it kind of spoiled the viewing experience.


I did study about Ron Muek and his fascinating life-like sculptures at Uni and I was hoping that I will have the opportunity to see his work in real life. Thanks to Hull City Of Culture 2017 it happened.

Ron Muek is Australian born, London based artist with incredible talent of shocking viewers with his sensitive and exposed sculptures of human beings.

“Mueck’s works command an uncanny ability to amaze with obsessive surface detail and intense psychic discharge. Engaging and wildly popular, they expose our need to validate our humanity, even as they thwart our attempts at full disclosure.”

Source and interesting interview with artist himself via link below:

The Progress Big Man A Conversation with Ron Mueck by Sarah Tanguy

I don’t know about my need to validate my humanity, but I was gazing at the sculptures for quite a while. It felt like I am a tiny ant looking at humans, analysing the danger they can cause.
It is magnificent execution of detail, skin and dimension.
The sculpture Wild Man without a doubt was the one that amazed me the most. The more time I spent looking at it, the more comfortable I felt.

It is definitely a must-see.

The exhibition is part of Artist Rooms Tour and will be there until 13th of August 2017.

Also I was told that there is a small gallery with samples and sketches of Mueck and I WAS ALLOWED TO TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS.

_Z1A4889WEEK17 b_Z1A4888WEEK17 b_Z1A4887WEEK17 b_Z1A4890WEEK17 b

+ a random photograph of a random art workshop.

_Z1A4895WEEK17 b

This Bank Holiday Weekend I was hanging out at Larkin’s Bar Hull and Larkin Out festival, so I spoke to a lot of people. In some conversations Hull City Of Culture was mentioned and it is not always sweet.

For example, there are people [from Hull obviously] who feel like this year isn’t really about Hull. We get fed with art that “they” think we should be looking at and relating ourselves with. The people I spoke with are definitely with decent IQ’s and have some sense of culture, so their opinion really matters. And what if they are right? What if we blindly follow what the Hull 17 board is giving us as Hull’s legacy, culture and history. Some of it is a bit out of context, random and too arts’y farts’y.  We have been given a choice of many different culture experiences, but how do we filter what really is important for old and new Hull?

My own experience has been wonderful, I have had the opportunities to be part of amazing things and I appreciate art for its being, for the change that it is bringing to Hull and the sense of coming together to get cultured as a city.

But I also see these points applying to the events.

There was another conversation about Hull 17 bringing photographers outside of Hull to record the celebration – that is a joke considering the talented few in Hull have to hunt for jobs. To make it worse  – one of the photographers have slagged of local photographers… I have no proof of this, but even having the rumour amongst those who live in Hull being a truth, puts the whole Hull 17 to shame.

This year is a distinctive year for local artists, businesses and people, everyone should have a piece of the Hull 17 cake – that was the whole point of this.

Something to think about and reflect on.

See you next week!!!!!!


Last week I was back on track with Hull City Of Culture

This weeks highlights:



On Thursday my mission was to find the Museum of Club Culture and Mark Wigan’s exhibition [link above].

I was passing the POPPIES: WEEPING WINDOW twice and that was more than enough to take another photo of  the display – the image of setting up the artwork few weeks ago contained two photographs together. This time – to get in the display and nosy members of public, it had to be three photographs.

_Z1A3945-Pano B

I know, I know…million, trillion photos have been taken with POPPIES: WEEPING WINDOW , each photographer does something else, but I choose to be one of them and have the recording of this.

_Z1A3916CRETE b

POPPIES: WEEPING WINDOW  is one of those artworks that appeal more diverse people, people who think that art is kind of a nonsense. And the actual detail in each poppy is incredible. So well done and I wish this to become the landmark of the season two of the year long celebration.

Ferens Art Gallery and OFFSHORE: ARTISTS EXPLORE THE SEA was something that I thought I had a quick look too, whilst I am in the area. I also had a company, so I got someone cultured.

_Z1A3925WEEK14 b_Z1A3929WEEK14 b_Z1A3936WEEK14 b

It turns out that I have forgotten about the balcony view and the exhibition space upstairs.

By that point I was in a funny mood – I started to notice or observe the wrong things, rather than art on display…

_Z1A3938WEEK14 b_Z1A3944WEEK14 b_Z1A3940WEEK14 b

Sometimes being able to have laugh through lens is the key to a success  –  look at Peter Dench and Martin Parr… these two [my fave] photographers have made their career on having a little giggle about humans.

I enjoyed myself and I hope Oliver Fisher will not think I have lost the plot somewhere in Crete.

I struggled to find TRANSGLOBAL ART OF MARK WIGAN on Thursday, really annoyed by my lack of concentration on reality vs. map.
But I found it on Thursday and I got four people cultured [the fourth person is not in the photograph].

_Z1A3955WEEK14 b

For some unknown reason, the Museum of Club Culture has been on my radar for some time and I was super excited. AND the artist himself was there too. If Mark Wigan is reading this blog – I should have explained why I photograph his museum. ITS FOR MY BLOG :)))))

_Z1A3964WEEK14 b_Z1A3966WEEK14 b_Z1A3970WEEK14 b_Z1A3972WEEK14 b

The art was AMAZING, my cup of tea. It is a mixture between a child’s wildest fantasies and grown-up experiences. Some of them really captivating.

I would love to go again so if someone is interested to join me, please let me know.

WASHED UP CAR-GO was something that I’ve heard of but when approaching the venue, I was disappointed that I have had a false info. I went into the Deep reception to ask, to demand – I have four people expecting to see an exhibition.

But there it was, right in front of my eyes.
Three cars at the Deep car park, spread out and quite frankly – hard to spot if you don’t know what to expect.

_Z1A3986WEEK14 b_Z1A3987WEEK14 b_Z1A4003WEEK14 b_Z1A3983WEEK14 b_Z1A4005WEEK14 b_Z1A4008WEEK14 b_Z1A4012WEEK14 b_Z1A4014WEEK14 b_Z1A4017WEEK14 b

So clever, well though out and interesting. My not so cultural friends with a sceptical eye towards art, said that it is very cool to have such random and used-to things turned into art. I was surprised myself and it is worth spending few minutes to listen to the music and watch the short films in one of the most creative screens ever seen.

There was few obvious questions raised – has the cars have TAX ROAD AND MOT, what about insurance, if they gonna be used after display…

The last, but not least was the Fountain 17 

We walked through Humber Street and thoroughly enjoyed the local offerings into antique “crap”.

_Z1A4053WEEK14 b_Z1A4055WEEK14 b

Fountain 17  is something that was exhibited and promoted at the Degree Show 2016. I blogged about it 10 months ago, just after my graduation. At the time I really wanted to apply for the project, thinking that I can do something with the urinal, but it never happened. So I was super keen to see what the artists have done.

_Z1A4042WEEK14 b_Z1A4040WEEK14 b_Z1A4027WEEK14 b_Z1A4032WEEK14 b_Z1A4022WEEK14 b_Z1A4044WEEK14 b_Z1A4038WEEK14 b_Z1A4035WEEK14 b

NOTE: The last image is my replication of the actual use, but not sure if I had a reasonable excuse…just imagine of what my mind goes through…


Some of the ideas absolutely fantastic, some of them hard to relate to but still interesting art. Was super lovey to see the three prints of amazing Anna Bean, Anna is a pioneer and an artist to look up to. And another great woman – artist – lecturer Alison Field has got a very interesting interpretation of the Fountain 17

There is more displays of Fountain 17 in studio eleven, Brodrick Gallery HASAD and Humber Street Gallery which I am hoping to visit this week.