I have just minutes into the Sunday/Monday gap that usually is my own deadline for the previous weeks culture indulgence, so I will keep it sweet and short.

As I was landing from Latvia to the Queens property less than a week ago, I was thinking what a strange land it is. So many beautiful things here, so many doors opened for me, but still  – are we in the perfect relationship?

Few days of sulking and thinking and I was thrown into the madness – Humber Street Sesh 2017

I was not sure if the holiday hangover was over, but I was left with no choice – four years in a row I missed the Sesh for various reasons and last year I swore that 2017 will be THE YEAR.

+ someone offered a “brief”, so the festival visit was on the full work mode.

The gallery is less than a half of “reasonable” photos taken in the 12 hrs because on time pressure for post process – some of the photos are random, some acts/bands photographed not even sure where from/named after…a mess.

Plus half way I lost my precious map, work list and wish list, so that made me even more of a mess.
I was a mess photographer, but I think there is a great message in my photos – Hull likes a good party and Hull can also host a great party.


Silent Disco 

Nineties Boy Bunker Pop JackJames


and all those who said hello to me and I said hello to.

Enjoy Humber Street Sesh 2017 mess that comes from my photographers heart.