This year has started with something very special. HULL CITY OF CULTURE 2017. Something that Hull has been preparing for quite a while. And I want to contribute, for you, for Hull and mainly for myself.

I have set myself a challenge to be part of this year through the lens.
Hull is my home and recent viewings of Made in Hull sound and light display set this journey off with a little tear in my eye. Being proud of this city and feeling the connection is what the whole point of the events through the year is.

The first week of City of Culture 2017 was all about Made in Hull and embracing the history, heritage and celebration of the last 70 years of life in the city.

The use of large-scale projection on buildings, illuminated skylines, soundscapes, shop windows and live performances transforms Hull into a big stage for everyone.

I haven’t been on top of the game with finding the perfect timing or location to capture the whole picture, only very limited access due to the crowds [the reason why I regret missing all the work opportunity application deadlines].

As per usual I was looking for people, those very “human” moments and ohh, I love you Hull, I love you people.



7 thoughts on “MY CITY OF CULTURE – MY HULL – WEEK 1

  1. Really brilliant photos! Made In Hull really was a great start to the City of Culture Year wasn’t it!? I hope Hull finally gets the recognition it deserves. You can check out my posts about Made In Hull and Hull 2017 here: I hope you enjoy all the events to come!


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